The I Grandi Classici catalogue includes the most refined herringbone patterns to satisfy sophisticated taste. Classical Italian herringbone and Hungarian Chevron patterns, together with the quality wood used for Itlas flooring are perfect for those who seek the finesse of wood floors. Details of the different types: HERRINGBONE, also called Classical, comprises slats placed perpendicular to each other at an angle of 90°, so that the head of one meets the side of the other. Another feature of this pattern is that the direction of laying can be straight or diagonal, seen from the entrance to the room. The optical effect differs greatly, according to the option chosen. Diagonal laying is ideal for small rooms because it helps to create a sense of space

A herringbone pattern easily matches different furniture styles and will blend in with classical or modern decor. It comes in the different types of wood available in the Tavole del Piave and Legno del Doge collections. CHEVRON: This pattern is distinguished by 45° or 60° slats that are laid head to head. More complex to lay, the chevron pattern requires expert fitting and is popular for prestigious buildings. It boasts a long history and can still be seen in the Palace of Versailles. The wood types used are those in the Tavole del Piave and Legni del Doge collections, featuring colder colours that add a more modern touch and warmer colours that create a sensation of cosy comfort.