Panel pattern wood flooring can be found in numerous imperial and aristocratic villas, where it has always represented great charm and luxury. Towards the end of the Middle Ages wood floors that combined different types and colours of wood became very popular. Colour schemes like marvellous works of art were created to produce extremely original, beautifully warm patterns. The technique of inlaying with valuable rare types of wood was developed in the mid seventeenth century. To respond to a newly awakened taste for things beautiful, refined and exclusive, I Grandi Classici include panel patterns that combine different wood species and amazing colour contrasts, as well as inlaid panel patterns that can be made to the customer's original, exclusive drawings for an inimitable touch of style. To meet all customers' needs, many of these compositions are available in any of the finishes for the Tavole del Piave and Legni del Doge lines. Classical, hi tech solutions and modern styling make this line unique and exclusive to bring character to any room.