In the past geometrical patterns for wood flooring may have seemed a daring choice, only for ultramodern floors, but now they are coming back into fashion for designer homes that want to embrace something different. Indeed, these geometrical patterns bring a particular, aggressive style perceived as completely different from the usual canon. Attractive colour schemes and patterns are created by colours definitely outside the box and slats, which are no longer just rectangular but can take on special, new shapes such as diamonds, hexagons and rectangles. Having a wood floor with geometrical patterns means having a work of art in the home, skilfully made by expert artisans. The two main models, IGC 300 A and IGC 309, are iconic, the former featuring a special combination of hexagons and slats and the latter combining diamond shapes of different colours to create the geometrical effect of a cube. Other, more classical models use slats, like IGC Scacchi, IGC XXS and IGC Cesto.