The I Grandi Classici project is based on a passion for wood, a living material that encapsulates mystery.

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Over thirty years of craftsmanship and skills come together to produce unique floors of rare beauty.

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A wood floor is alive, it breathes and gives out all its warmth.

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Innovation in tradition.
I Grandi Classici line has been designed to meet a renewed taste for beauty, refinement and exclusiveness.


A timeless classic

It has antique origins, dating back to the period of Ancient Rome, when it became popular to use wood for the floors of the most luxurious houses and palaces, and to fit particular patterns.

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Wood provides endless possibilities for artistic compositions.

Creativity, experience and craftsmanship come together with a noble, inimitable raw material.

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Aristocratic good taste in geometric patterns.

Typical of classical aristocratic decor, geometrical patterns are still extremely popular for all types of ambiences.

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True works of art: materials mixed to create exclusive environments

The technique of inlaying with valuable, rare wood species was developed in the mid seventeenth century.

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Roundels, timeless masterpieces.

Memory and the future. Research and manual skills. The Roundels in the I Grandi Classici project come from clever Italian craftsmanship and the daily experience of skilled specialists in woodwork.

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