The skilfully achieved beauty of inlaid parquet flooring makes a wonderful statement in a room. The history of inlaid floors from the mid 1700s up to today is that of prestigious dwellings and it was used in castles, palaces and villas as a decorative element for the more important rooms. Even today, its added value derives from the skilled craftsmanship of expert artisans who create the patterns by hand, bypassing industrial manufacture to preserve this special artistic operation.


Not a simple question because this is a very special product that draws immediate attention in a room. Our advice is to lay this type of floor in a central part of the house, which usually comprises the living room, where such a floor will be noticed as a focal point. Another reason for this advice is that an inlaid floor in a living room is not exposed to the impact of furniture. Normally there is not too much furniture in a living room, leaving floor space and an uncluttered view of the floor, contrary to a kitchen or bedroom. This will create a unique area of the house that oozes refinement and elegance. Wishing to be even more daring, an alternative could be to use inlaid parquet in corridors, also areas mostly free of furniture. Inlaid parquet is the defining feature of the decor, and will suffice to fill the space with value.