I Grandi Classici® Srl is an innovative firm in the wood flooring sector.

Technology, design, respect for the environment, manual and artisan processes, passion for working with wood together to create real art pieces, able to surprise and move.

Whoever chooses a wood floor from I Grandi Classici® also has the guarantee to have gained an active position in safeguarding the environment.

I Grandi Classici® offers a wide range of wood types, which allows to create, within the desired colour scheme, original designs and personalised creations based on the client's project. This flexibility and versatility confer to I Grandi Classici® a totally original taste, even thanks to the inlay work on its decorations.

A wood floor is alive, breathe, give out all the warmth of the material. A wood floor by I Grandi Classici® is a floor able to amaze: it have to be looked at, admired, touched, felt and experienced with all your senses.

It tells distant stories and holds something for every one of us.