Panel Patterns

Near the end of the Middle Age a new trend, in wooden floors, saw the widespread of combination of different wood species, in essence and colour. It was the birth of chromatic artworks, able to create schemes of drawings very original and of great warmth. From the half of XVII century, the technique of marquetry was developed, utilising rare and refined woods. To answer the reborn taste for the beautiful, refined and exclusive, I Grandi Classici offers both tiles with different chromatic contrasts and tiles with marquetries, also of custom design exclusive to each client, conferring an inimitable touch of style. To satisfy every needs, many of this compositions are available in all Tavole Del Piave and Legni Del Doge finishes. Solutions with a classical style and the highest technical standards that, combined with a contemporary feeling, make this an unique and exclusive line, capable of giving character to every spaces.
Quadrotta IGC 100
Oak, Bianco Provenzale
Quadrotta IGC 111
European Walnut Oil UV
Quadrotta IGC 223
Maple Moka with marble inserts
Quadrotta IGC 224
Wengè, Oil UV
Quadrotta IGC 227
Oak, Veneziano
Quadrotta IGC 238
Doussiè, Accadueo
Quadrotta IGC 240
Oak, Maple, Afromosia
Quadrotta IGC 248
Oak, Nivea
Quadrotta IGC 250
Oak, Sfarinato
Quadrotta IGC 255
Teak Asia, Accadueo
Quadrotta IGC 259
Oak, Natura
Quadrotta IGC 262
Oak, Uil UV
Quadrotta IGC 305
Oak, Maple, Iron
Quadrotta IGC 205
Other compositions