Typical of classic furnishing, nowadays compositions are becoming popular also in spaces distinguished by a contemporary style. I Grandi Classici guarantee personalisation of your room thanks to the particular optical effects they produce. This composition can be used also to correct some geometrical irregularities of the habitative space thanks to the wide range of laying geometries offered, both of classic and artistic style.
Result of the art and knowledge of who has made of its work a way of life.
Intarsio IGC 226
Teak, Maple, Walnut, Marble
Intarsio IGC 300
Oak, Del Borgo
Intarsio IGC 305
Teak, Maple, Metal
Intarsio IGC 308
Oak, Afrormosia, Maple
Intarsio IGC 373
Oak, Marble
Intarsio IGC 381
Oak, Maple, Wengé
Intarsio IGC 382
Other compositions
Intarsio IGC 383
Other compositions
Intarsio IGC 384
Teak, Oak
Intarsio IGC 384
Oak, Metal
Intarsio IGC 385
Oak Oliato Naturale
Intarsio IGC 386
Oak Oliato Naturale
Intarsio IGC 387
Oak, Walnut
Intarsio IGC 388
Oak, Walnut
Intarsio IGC 389
Oak, Teak, Metal, Verniciato Naturale
Rosone IGC 412
Other compositions
Intarsio Personalizzato
Oak, Nivea / Finiture ITLAS
Rosone Personalizzato
Other compositions
Bordatura Personalizzata
Other compositions